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Babes in Toyland - Bruise Violet

Oct. 20th - Cesare

Oct. 19th - Elphaba

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The Dead Milkmen
"I Hate You, I Love You" 

Oct. 18th - Asa Vajda

Oct. 18th - Asa Vajda

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the dead milkmen - dean’s dream

Oct. 17th - Tiffany (Bride of Chucky)

Oct. 17th - Tiffany (Bride of Chucky)

Oct. 16th - Female Titan

Oct. 16th - Female Titan

I was just on your page looking at your cosplay and my 2 year old daughter saw your waving GIF and she started waving back and smiling. lol

OMG XD That’s so cute! Tell her I say “hello!”

WHAT DID YOU USE TO MAKE ANNIES NOSE?? I thought you were just lucky enough to have a nose exactly like annies until I saw wax nose in the tags! Tips? Tricks? I'm cosplaying Annie soon and I want that nose! Help!

I used some (Cinema Secrets) spirit gum to hold down the (Ben Nye) nose and scar wax. I built up the bridge and tip of the nose, then molded into a hook shape, blended out the edges and sealed it with some (Mehron) liquid latex. I think I blended out the edges too far though and next time I’m just gonna try and keep the wax as contained my actual nose as I can (and not blend out to my cheeks) because my powder REALLY adhered to the latex edges alongside the nose and gave it kind of splotchy look that I didn’t care for. The nose was REALLY matte after the powder too, so I had to pile on the powder over the rest of my face to get it to match and even out as best it could. It was my first try at building a wax nose though so idk if I’m the right person to ask for help XD. But those are my tips, don’t blend it out too far and be careful what you put over the latex.

Oct 15th - Annie Leonhardt

Boy, that Klarion #1 review sure was scathing lol "What is this monster high?" and " Hogwarts-esque youth hostel" had me in stitches! You should deff do more comic reviews! Did you hear Ezra Miller is gonna star in the Flash movie? Any equally scathing thoughts on that.

I didn’t mean for it to be “scathing” XD but yeah…I just did not care for it. Glad the review gave you a chuckle though. IDK, every time I talk about comics on here or Facebook it’s kind of like talking to a brick wall. I don’t think I know many people who care very much for this stuff. So unless I feel strongly either way, it’s usually not worth the effort to write in depth about (unless someone asks) because no one…cares?

But on to your question! Yes, I did and honestly, I think Ezra’s a great actor (in the 6 films I’ve seen him in anyway) and the movie ain’t out ‘til 2018 so I’ll give him the benefit of my very limited doubts. Did it come out of left field? Yes. Is it a completely horrible casting choice? I’m gonna say no. Especially since, as of now, we have no clue if this’ll be a Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West or even Bart Allen Flash movie in first place. We don’t know for sure who he’s even cast AS. So people already calling it “horrible casting” are doing so very prematurely, in my opinion. I do have the benefit of not having had my heart set on any particular actor for this movie before his casting though and I am far too preoccupied with the Suicide Squad movie development and the news that Wytches is getting it’s own movie, less than a week after it’s first issue was released, to really give a shit about The Flash movie anyway.

Oct. 14th - Zombie


No bottom lashes + pouty  Kumicky face XD.

What was so bad about Klarion #1? I thought it was so so but I'm not too familiar with Klarion outside of his bit in Young Justice *that was the reason I got it to begin with* but now I wanna know more about why people who already liked Klarion in the comics don't seem to like it?

If you can eventually get into it then that’s great! I do think a BIG part of if people will enjoy it depends on if they’re familiar with Klarion’s character and former personality. This is probably an instance where if you do get any enjoyment out of this character in their current form, the less you know about their former self, the better. But if you’re interested in my point of view/rant/review just follow the cut. (spoilers obviously)

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