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Take You on a Cruise
Antics (2004)

The second one. Varying degrees of heaviness. Although different color schemes sounds cool. Or onee gal model looks. I remember you did a Shizuka Takeda inspired makeup on your blog before that looked just like her makeup, I'd like to see a video of that and other models too!

Okay, I’ll work on that because I do like the idea but there’s probably gonna be some videos ahead of those ones since I’m already working on a friend’s request right now!

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What did you use to pierce you ear? Just curious.

Made a short entry about that here.

I've always been partial to your onee gyaru looks. I think you do the look really well and so I was wondering if now that you're more active on your Youtube channel if you might do some variants of onee gyaru makeup?

Hmm…I actually hadn’t considered doing that but now that you suggest it, it does sound like a nice idea! What do you mean by “variants” though? Like color schemes or more glamorous bronzed up looks and lighter more casual looks (variants in the degree of heaviness)? 

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The Cure - In Between Days

The Head on the Door (1985)

New video on easy DIY Hair Bow :)

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Hybrid Moments - Misfits

Gave my ear a third hole. Hurt a bit more than the last one.

Gave my ear a third hole. Hurt a bit more than the last one.

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New York Dolls - Trash 1973

I am so close to getting my sister to be a in Sister Tag video with me.


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Siouxsie and The Banshees - She’s a Carnival (1982)
Siouxsie Sioux / Steven Severin / John McGeoch / Budgie