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Bratmobile - Gimme Brains

A girl could starve on a boy like you!

The Reno make is so pretty! Couldnt you still upload the video? As long as we can get the general idea of what went into it I don't think anyone would mind. I still wanna see it any way!

I don’t know, I’ll probably have to narrate it to compensate for the shitty visuals and it’s never quiet enough here for that (which is why I don’t talk in my videos in the first place). I’ll start editing the video while I think about it and if I find some quiet time to narrate, I’ll do it.

♪ Crack that whip ♪

♪ Licorice whip ♪

Candy Vamp XD

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Nirvana - Something in the Way

Re:No inspired makeup.

I tried to do a Re:No inspired makeup video and I was satisfied with the end result but the video came out SO BAD XD. I was like “I always film my left eye so I ‘ll try my right eye for once!” Baaaaad idea. When I looked up it looked like me eye was in frame but while I’m actually doing my makeup you can only see like 2/3 of my eye and OMG it’s awful. The lighting in my room is terrible too and you can see my boxes full of cosplay crap in the background and jesus christ I just suck at making videos! This was my worst attempt ever and I’m mad because I did like the way the makeup came out but there’s no point in posting a video where you can’t see shit that I’m doing >:|

Do you take requests for youtube channel?

Sure, I mean, I can’t guarantee I’ll do it but I’ll see what I can do. 

wow girl! you are SO beautiful! your eyes are beautiful too. ( even with the makeup on! ) I'm 17 and I've been thinking about starting to use makeup a little. ( my mom thinks I'm super slow, but I was just growing up with boys XD ) and I've loved gyaru makeup ever since I saw it in a Japanese magazine. I guess I'll look through your whole blog and your YouTube channel to see and learn a little about gyaru more :D THANKS TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU I will feel like myself ☆〜(ゝ。∂)!

Thank you so much, that’s incredibly sweet! <3 Gyaru really is a fun way to express yourself and be creative with makeup since it is so personalized. So if you love it, go for it!


Rainbow nails!


Rainbow nails!


it seems that everyone i’m friends with is better friends with someone else and that really fucking sucks 

not on the topic of makeup i know but I love your owl mask on the wall in the video! where did you get it?

It came as part of a book and mask set for the Batman: Court of Owls TBP. My brother got it for me for my birthday this year.

FINALLY have a new video up!

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The Smiths - Still Ill (1984)